Monday, March 21, 2011

Everyone has to put their two cents in

When J was an infant her skin was awful, always covered in exzema , red, or open sores and someone always had come up with a cure. Use this cream it's good because it's from Portugal, was from my mothers mouth, desperate and sleep deprived I put a little on her skin and in seconds she began howling and scratching. ' oh I forgot that it burns,, sorry' was what my mother said. Then after we discovered the milk allergy I had a few family members and even 'friends' trying to give her a little milk or things with milk in it that way she would grow out of it. Or being told, by a lady in a bakery, well I drink milk and I'm lactose intolerante, give her a little it won't hurt her.
But not only, well meaning people, but even the pediatrician had her own advice, she was worried about her weight gain and that she hadn't gained in a while..of course she hadnt gained j was walking, more like running everywhere. After reminding her a few times about the milk allergy the pediatrician gave me a can of pediasure and told me to get her to drink that. Ok, so I took the small can, opened it n poured it into her sippy cup. She had smelt the liquid and nodded no, but in desperation I got her to drink a tiny sip. A few seconds later she began throwing up like the scene in the movie the exersist all over the back seat in the car. Luckily we were a minute away from the hospital. Her first official allergic reaction. Needless to say that I lernt my lesson first read all labels even if it cam from a doctor and second never went back to see that pediatrician.
The latest is isn't there a pill for her to take so she can have milk, my friend has celiac and he sometimes eats pasta and rye bread, can't you get the that peanut cure, where they eat peanut flour....sorry thanks for the advise but no thanks. For some people I explain the differences in allergies, intallerances, and deceases, but while its helpful for some and the quickly realize how silly they sounded, for others it's a waist of time and energy.
Yes, thank you for the bad advice, rude comments and odd looks, but this is my life and I'm going to make it better and easier for my girls.
since having both girls and discovering the long list of allergies, I have heard every comment and price of advice from my children are picky, why they don't eat the crap that makes everyone fat and sick, to oh poor things what do they eat and they are so deprived.
My girls are happy, healthy loving children who enjoy eating and do not feel deprived. I have made it one of my goals for my girls not to feel deprived and that they cannot be like every one of their friends, but they know mommy will always to her best to make them feel special, loved and that they can eat whatever they like. That is if it's made by mommy.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Night mares that never end

What is every parents, wo have children with allergies, nightmare? That they actually eat something that will cause an anaphalactic reaction.
Mine came true one day. We were at the mall and had gone to eat a this restaurant a few time because we knew that it was safe, as they have seperate deep friers for everything and are very knowledgeable about allergies. Both of the girls wanted veggies and French fries...usually all they can eat at the mall. While G had eaten ketchup a few times before I had no problem in letting her have some as they had given us a new bottle. J had never shown any interest in trying it so I didn't bother. On that day for whatever reason J asked for ketchup, I had already checked the bottle for ingredients and had called the company months before so for me it was ok. I put some on her plate. She had already eaten half of her fries and veggies before I had put a blob of ketchup on the side of her plate. In less than a minute her face was covered in hive and she was having trouble breathing. I gave her a large dose of benadryl and her puffers, thinking how did this happen?. But it wasn't really working. The waiter was next to us and notice what was happening he asked if we had epi pens n I said yes 2. Took us over to a private area so we can care for her and called for mall security and 911. Security arrived in seconds. I was in such a state of shock that I was begging them to stab her with the epi pen but they couldn't because I was her mother I had to do it. After what seems like for ever I got the guts and jabbed the epi pen into my little girls thigh. Within seconds her breating started to become normal just in time for the ambulance to arrive. They checked her vitals asked her questions I guess to determine if there was there any damage to motor skills and such. They have to take her to hospital and keep her there under observation for a few hours. My hubby went with her in the ambulance while I stayed with G. Tried to figure out what happened with the chef n wait staff. I went to meet up with them at the hospital. Asked the er doctor if someone cold be allergic to ketchup, he said that because her list is long and tends to cross over that it was the ketchup and to confirm it with her allergist. Great one more allergen to add to the list, at this point it had seemed that with every allegist visit there were more allergies that we had discovered. Needless to say that I didn't sleep for a week always checking to see if J was breathing while she slept.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Once upon a time

As some me therapy a friend of mine told me that i should start a blog, so here it goes..
This was to be the beginning of a fairy tale.i had met my prince charming while I was living in Milan, he's not Italian I had given up on them...Lets just say by being an english teacher after a while I knew way too much. At that point I had just given up on finding my prince charming, but by chance we met through a friend and began our journey together. Now I am a mother of 2 beautiful loving girls and have a happy, for the most part, common law relationship with my hubby. We live a 'normal' life love to play, sing, cook, shop and travel. Now comes the evil daughters food allergies and asthma. Not just one or two but an extremely long list...eggs, chicken, dairy, cow, peanuts, beans, lentils, tree nuts, fish, seafood, shellfish, wheat/gluten, kiwi, mushrooms, ketchup, some animals and pollen. I'm sure I've left something out but I will remember later on.
Just for the sake of names let's call my 6 year old J and my 4year old G. They are happy beautiful girls, normal weight and hight and no one would suspect that they have any health problems. Before meeting my children teachers, or any one else expect sickly, pale looking children but once they meet them they are totally surprised.
Yes J was very sick for the first 2 years. Her skin was awful with bump, eczema, open sores and bleeding. She always has ear infections and then came pneumonia. Once we had G, she started throwing up,having diarrhea, being extremely sick.
Yes my children still do get sick, but what kid at their age doesn't. I'm just happy not to be living in hospitals and doctors offices this year.
I am not preacher about the evils out there for allergy suffers and poor us, and if you eat nuts you are evil. I do have many stories that may help people and let them know that they are not alone and also ways to get people to understand what we are going through without being rude and overbearing because I know there are many people who are and even I can't stand it.
All I can share is what I have learnt, through much trial and error.
Cheers to happy times and the battles we all have to conquer